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Bishop's Waltham Local Area

Once a Saxon village, Bishop’s Waltham is a thriving market village near Southampton. The area is host to a number of notable attractions which visitors and residents love to visit. Included in this list is the Bishop’s Waltham Palace just five minutes away from the pub. The palace grounds are regularly used to host festivals and other events. The old Corhampton Saxon Church is another place of interest within this small town. Although it is nearly a thousand years old, the church still serves as a place of worship for locals, and a wonderful tourist site for visitors.

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Transport Links

The main bus stop at The Square is a 30-second walk from The Crown Inn, where you can catch the X9 bus to Eastleigh or the X10 to Southampton. The Stagecoach bus service operates both ways to Fareham and Winchester. All buses are hourly on weekdays, with the Xelabus operating every two hours on Saturdays. There are no buses on Sunday.

Alternatively, you can catch a train at Botley train station just 3.5 miles away from the pub.

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